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1280 Enterprise Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

1280 Enterprise Programmable Weight Indicator

  • Customizable color touchscreen with graphical user interface
  • User-defined softkeys, icons and graphics
  • Tactile keypad for scale operations, numeric entry and navigation
  • On-screen keyboard available during entry mode (or external keyboard)
  • Built-in web server for remote access, systems integration and data monitoring
  • Multi-language operation and text entry
  • Supports eight scales within five different kinds:
    • Analog load cell, multi-range/interval weighing
    • Total scale summing
    • Serial input scales
    • iQUBE² scales
    • Program scales
  • Six smart card slots for additional scale channels, serial ports, digital inputs and outputs, analog outputs and protocol interfaces
  • iRite™ Programming Software
    • Five built-in applications: Truck In/Out, Recipe Storage, Filling/Dosing, Counting, Checkweighing
    • Customizable user programs with event-based functions
    • 150 built-in functions for common processes & data tables
    • Customize and transfer data via email, FTP server and networked printers
    • Display data with line charts or bar graphs
  • Dual-port assignments for weight tickets, credit cards, smart pass, HID readers, etc.
  • iRite reporting or iQUBE2 alerts
  • Email, USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi Direct®, two serial ports RS-232 or RS-485
  • Alibi memory captures serial port transmissions
  • Four configurable data-stream formats for PC, printers and remote displays
  • 100 setpoints, 18 configurable setpoint types
  • Eight digital I/O for control and pulse count
  • Three different enclosure types: universal with tilt stand, panel mount and wall mount